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GrabLucky Telegram Bot.

Better Engage Your Audience

Send and Receive Hong Bao to Friends and Family. Let’s share the joy which is GrabLucky!


What is GrabLucky?

GrabLucky is a Telegram bot that uses the concept of Hong Bao (Red Packets) based on Chinese tradition. With GrabLucky, you can now send and receive digital currencies such as Bitcoin to family and friends as gifts.

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Bringing Smiles with GrabLucky

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How to Use GrabLucky?

 Join @GrabLucky
Search and Join GrabLucky Official on Telegram messenger

Grab an HongBao
Rewards worth real cash will be dropped randomly at any time, so stay active

Create Your Wallet
Login/Register your LinqCash Wallet account to Store your Assets

 Want More HongBao?
Search for more ongoing HongBao from the GrabLuckyBot

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