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Why Grablucky Chose Telegram to other Social Media Messengers

Those already earning free HongBao money from GrabLucky’s Telegram group are probably wondering, will GrabLucky come to other Social Media platforms?

In case you are wondering, what is Grablucky? It is a Telegram Bot that allows users to earn Bitcoin by sending and receiving cryptocurrency with a simple and easy process. Click here to Get Started.

But why Telegram? There are specific reasons which give Telegram an upper hand over other social media networks. This integration may further benefit Telegram, Grablucky, and crypto enthusiasts the world over. In recent years, Telegram has become popular among Bitcoin earners, which are generally young people. There are specific reasons for this popularity of Telegram. Here are certain points which led Grablucky to use Telegram.

1. Majority of Telegram users Know or Understand Digital Currencies

Telegram is a crypto-friendly messenger as compared to Facebook, Reddit, and Whatsapp. Most of the Telegram users know the cryptocurrency business. Its emphasis on encryption is the leading cause of overwhelming appeal for crypto enthusiasts. It is a paradise for those who don’t want government control over transactions. The crypto-friendly encryption makes it an inviting place for Blockchain and bitcoin business affairs.

2. Younger Crowd using Telegram

Telegram mainly attracts the youth. Young aspiring and innovative users prefer Telegram for a private chat. Inevitably new generation comes with new ideas, new concepts, and creativity. Moreover, the ease of bitcoin transitions and secure messaging without any third party control makes it popular with young students and potential crypto miners. Here is a lot of attraction for students of universities to learn about experiences and get new knowledge.

3. Telegram is the Fastest Growing Messenger

Regarded as the go-to messenger due to its encryption technology, its usage skyrocketed after millions of people switched from other top messengers to Telegram in a bid to safeguard their privacy. Pretty soon, it is going to grab the number 1 spot in the social media category leaving behind Facebook, Whatsapp and others. Unsurprisingly, it has emerged as the alternative of some dying social media messaging platforms for reasons mentioned above.

4. Telegram opened Public API to be used for the Development of Useful Bots

Telegram offers freedom and an open environment when it comes to developing its infrastructure. With an open-source code for every user, Telegram’s API is free to be integrated by all. Third-party developers may use Telegram Bot’s API to create bots of their own, with uses and functions limited only by their own creativity. With open API, you may teach, play, connect and integrate with some other services. It is all about the internet of things, and its potential is endless. An example of a Telegram Bot that has the potential to revolutionize crypto payments and peer-to-peer transactions is GrabLucky.

The Verdict?

In conclusion, it is this distinct feature of Telegram that sets its messenger apart from some of the more popular social media networks such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and Line. It is also the reason why GrabLucky has chosen Telegram as its testbed. By implementing the same strategy as WeChat HongBao while leveraging on Telegram’s huge user base, GrabLucky aims to share the joy of cryptocurrency to the world.