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Why marketers should use GrabLucky



Social media marketing sucks… yes we know. Most businesses today spend thousands of dollars to increase their marketing reach, in hopes that their target audience is out there reading and giving the product a try. 


How can we, as marketers, attract a larger user base to grow our business? Well, one of the go-to ways is the GrabLucky Telegram Bot.



  • 1. Interactive and engaging



What exactly is this GrabLucky Telegram Bot? Telegram, one of the safest and widely used messaging platforms worldwide, is used by GrabLucky to form a close-knit community of users in a group chat. This provides a means for marketers to interact with them in a fun and engaging way.


  • 2. Flexibility of events



What does GrabLucky have to offer? As an existing telegram group admin, marketers are able to start a GrabLucky event through the bot and increase engagement level of users. This can be done via various campaigns such as  giveaways, lucky draws and more. Moreover, marketers have the flexibility to conduct such events instantly or schedule them in advance to their preferred date and time.


  • 3. Social Analytics


In every business, the reviews and analytics are just as important as marketing the product. Fret not, GrabLucky has got your back. Marketers are able to analyze engagement rates by tracking the number of GrabLucky packets redeemed and more. This will help business owners to study audience behaviour better and thus, make improved and informed decisions.


  • 4. Lucrative for users, reaches out to larger audience


GrabLucky will provide marketers an opportunity to reward their users with cryptocurrency. Users will then be able to send and receive digital currencies such as Bitcoin to family and friends in the form of e-gifts. GrabLucky does so with the concept of Hong Baos, which are red packets that symbolize good luck in chinese tradition. This way, GrabLucky becomes a lucrative marketing tool for businesses to grow.


  •  5. Set event triggers


To top it off, GrabLucky has a cool feature known as set event triggers. This basically allows marketers to automate event creation with their own rules. Whether you want to start with a 100 or a 1000 users, it is completely up to you!



  • 6. Well-known and credible


    Not sure if GrabLucky is a credible source to use as a marketing tool? Not to worry as GrabLucky has been featured on various media platforms such as businessinsider.sg , Asia One and Yahoo. This would serve as a new opportunity for your business to grow. Apart from the Telegram bot, GrabLucky will also help to market your product through different Telegram channels, to a large community of people in exciting ways. An example would be in-channel games for users to play. 

  • 7. Free, Great savings on marketing budget

Best part of using GrabLucky? It is absolutely free as telegram does not require users to make any sort of payment. This way, marketers do not need to burn a hole in their pockets by investing huge amounts of money into other marketing tools and platforms. 


What are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab this chance to check out GrabLucky today!