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6 Ways to Earn Money During a Recession


What exactly is a recession? It is a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced. This can occur due to various factors such as an outbreak of a viral disease. Amidst the current covid-19 situation, economists have concluded that a global recession will arise. To ensure you are ready for this downturn, here are some ways you can earn money during a recession.


1) Sell unwanted/ used items online

If your wardrobe or house is piling up with items that you do not use anymore, a recession is the perfect time to sell them off. This is because people tend to be more inclined to buy second hand items during such a period. From expensive electronics to an unwanted t-shirt, you can sell just about anything online. Internet auction sites such as carousell and eBay are well-known platforms for listing your items. Look for similar items on the sites to gauge the pricing of your item. Pro tip: a good picture with true descriptions can help to sell items quickly.

2) Rent out a room/ parking lot 

Owning a house has its pros, especially in times of economic downturn. Renting out a spare room in your house can drastically reduce your utility bills and taxes. Be it through an estate agent, independently or through websites such as AirBnb, ensure that you vet through potential housemates thoroughly. A house as an asset would then certainly help you make some money in a recession. The same concept applies to parking lots too.

 3) Paid online surveys

Participating in paid online surveys can be done online, in your spare time, from the comfort of your home. Although you only receive a few dollars for a 5 to 10 minute survey, it most definitely is recession proof. Moreover, it is quick and easy. Remember to be aware of the details as some sites do not pay with cash.



 4) Complete odd/freelance jobs

A little extra cash can also be earned by looking online for short tasks that you will get paid for. For example, temperature screeners were high in demand in the beginning of the covid-19 outbreak in Singapore. Many of these tasks can be done from your laptop at home like translation and data entry. You can also do skilled freelance jobs such as graphic design and voiceovers. Be alert to possible scams and only sign up to work from trusted websites.

  5) Private Driver

If you have a driving license and a car, earning money has become easier than ever as a private driver. With numerous ride hailing services in the market such as Uber and Grab, you can easily make some money in your spare time. Simply visit their website, provide them with all the necessary information required, pass background checks and you are set to go.

 6) GrabLucky

Want to earn money with minimal effort? GrabLucky saves the day. It allows you to send and receive digital currencies, such as bitcoins, to your family and friends. Best part of it all? You can do it for free! With just a few clicks on Telegram, you get free bitcoins from the comfort of your home. Simply click on the following link to start GrabLucky. https://t.me/GrabLuckyBot


To learn more: https://www.grablucky.io



With all these different ways to earn money during a recession, it is safe to say that making the most out of this period of time is possible. As long as you plan out wisely and take the next few steps carefully, there is nothing to worry about. Discover the other cool features in GrabLucky today and share the joy of free bitcoins with others as well. Not to worry, as recession will not affect your earnings. Happy Grabbing!