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Fun games to play with Telegram Bots



Telegram bots are simply accounts operated by software that can do anything from teaching, playing, searching, broadcasting, to even passing commands to the Internet. It is a popular platform to play games as it is fun, convenient, easy to use, fast,  and most importantly, secure. What is there to not love about Telegram Bots? When an interactive, engaging and exciting factor is brought into games, it is hard to give them a miss. Here are some games to play with Telegram Bots.



1) Werewolf Moderator 

@ werewolfbot

If you have played mafia as a childhood game, this has a similar concept, but now a high-tech version. The bot will assign players with their roles in the private chat. 1 werewolf among the group has the objective  to kill off villagers before the game ends. Villagers are to work together to figure out who the werewolf is and identify him before he kills off the population. Bot will allow you to hold discussions in the chat room and for the werewolf to select which player to kill off. Pro tip: play in larger groups to increase the duration of the game. Simply add bot to your group chat, click start on the private message and play with 5-6 players.

2) PokerBot


This is a perfect party game if you forgot to bring your poker cards. Players can play against friends or even random players for the thrill factor.  You are allowed to play against up to 8 other people. Pro tip: the more players, the better! Same rules apply as to physical poker. Simply add the bot to a group chat of 5 or more players and have fun. It is safe to say that games are no longer limited to their physical version.


 3) Game


This bot offers a mystery of selecting ‘random game’ or browse categories to choose the perfect game for you. Gamee comes with instructions so that you can play with ease, but to give some context, it has old-school arcade games that are nostalgic. For example, snake and gravity ninja.You can even check high scores and challenge your friends. Simply invite the bot to a chat thread and play alone or with friends on telegram.

 4) Chat Against Humanity


This game has a similar concept to cards against humanity. For those of you who do not know how it works, basically the bot will generate a question for player ‘A’ and the rest of the players will choose the funniest answer among their cards. Player ‘A’ then gets to pick which card has the most humorous answer, and the player of that card gets a point. All players take turns to be ‘Player A’ and the one with the highest points wins. Simply add this bot to your group chat and have fun with 5-6 players.


5) Stack-or-Split


This Bot has many other cool features apart from playing the game. Once joined, it allows users to get free bitcoins in Hong Baos (red packets) that they can share with family and friends as well. In the stack game mode, 8-10 players will grab Hong Baos and 1 winner will get all the money. Whereas in the split mode, the winning amount will be split among the players. For example, Player A would win 0.02 BTC while player B wins 0.10 BTC. This game is thrilling as players would not be aware of the mode they are playing.


 6) Snake Game 


With the same Bot used for Stack-or-split, another childhood favourite is the Snake Game on Nokia Phones. Now in Telegram, It has 2 game modes; survival and adventure. Players are to collect gold coins and HongBaos to earn money. The more HongBaos collected, the more money earned. Challenge is that the snake becomes longer and harder to move around. Users can use refer-and-earn to invite friends and redeem even higher value of Hong Baos. Warning: game is very addictive!



Telegram Bots are truly wondrous. Now that you have some Telegram bots to play games in, go ahead and try them all out today. Who doesn’t love free money right? Use GrabLucky to earn passive income and get more friends to join in the fun with the ‘refer- and-earn’ code. Wait no more and start the bot now!

 Add TelegramBot: https://t.me/GrabLuckyBot

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