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How to earn money with GrabLucky while having fun 


You must be wondering what exactly GrabLucky is. Well, to put it in simpler terms, GrabLucky  is a telegram bot that offers you Hong Baos (red packets) of bitcoins for free. You can then send and receive these digital currencies to family and friends as well. While earning money with GrabLucky, how can you have fun at the same time? Here are a few ways.




1)  Send HongBaos

The most popular and liked feature of GrabLucky among the community is none other than sending HongBaos. You can be creative in doing so, thanks to the GrabLuckyBot. It gives you the opportunity to choose which group chat to send to, the currency, a custom message to your friends and lastly, the amount you wish to offer. Pro Tip: keep the fun going by getting the luckiest winner to send or use the dice emoji for the next person to send HongBao. Requests can be input under custom messages.





2) Refer-and-Earn

In the main menu of the bot, click on “Rewards” and you will be directed to the Refer-and-Earn feature. By sharing the unique url to a person who joins GrabLucky as well, you will be rewarded with more GrabChances. Alternatively, click on the respective buttons to share via Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp. This way, you get to earn more while a friend gets to join in the fun.More information: https://www.grablucky.io/refer/





 3) Grabchances

Grabchance is the ability to grab HongBao and win real cryptocurrency such as Bitcoins. With Grabchances, hunting for HongBaos becomes much more fun as there is no expiry date, and can be used to grab Bitcoin HongBao. The higher your GrabChances, the better the prizes. Everyone will start off with 20 Grabchances and each HongBao grabbed will use up 1. How to get even more GrabChances? Complete exciting missions in the following link. https://www.grablucky.io/grabchances/





 4) Stack-or-split

This is another version of sending HongBaos, but even more thrilling. Why is that you may ask. Well, the initiator of the game gets to choose whether they want to play stack mode or split mode. In the stack mode, 1 player gets to win all the earnings whereas in the split mode, the winning amount is split randomly among all players. You just have to leave it to chance. Initiator of the game can decide the participation fee, number of players and is the only one who knows the mode of the game. Try out for yourself and win some money.

5) Snake Game 


The childhood favourite Snake Game is back, but even better with GrabLucky. Forget free games, now you can play to earn. Collect gold coins and HongBaos appearing on your screen to increase points earned. The higher the points, the bigger the value of HongBaos redeemed. Challenge: Snake becomes longer and harder to move around as you collect more objects. For HongBao redemption, refer to links below. https://www.grablucky.io/refer-snake







Now that you have these features in GrabLucky, earning money can surely be fun. Don’t let your family and friends feel #FOMO, get them to join in the fun as well. What are you waiting for? Start GrabLucky now! https://t.me/GrabLucky

 Add TelegramBot: https://t.me/GrabLuckyBot

For more information: https://www.grablucky.io