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Top 10 Reasons Why GrabLucky is the Fastest Growing Telegram Bot in the Market


Telegram is known to be one of the most popular messaging applications in the world. With Telegram bots, users are able to do various activities at ease. These include sending and receiving messages, exchanging photos, videos, stickers, audio and files of any type. Here are top 10 reasons why GrabLucky is the fastest growing Telegram bot in the market.



1. High Engagement Rate

GrabLucky does not just rely on @GrabLuckyBot to keep the community engaged. The GrabLucky Official Group Chat- https://t.me/GrabLucky has over 8000 members in which they share the same interests of sending and receiving HongBaos to others. 


2. Users Reach 

Apart from engaging the community, GrabLucky bot has set out to reach a total of 1,195,000 users. This shows that GrabLucky has a high click rate by users to earn Bitcoins from HongBao packets.



3. High Adoption

Not only has this fast growing telegram bot reach a large number of users and engage them, but also ensured that GrabLucky is fully adopted. As of today, over 250,000 events have been created in the GrabLucky app https://app.grablucky.io/app/front/home. This indicates the active usage of GrabLucky features.



4. Referral and Sharing

Since users are given incentives to share their referral code with family and friends, an increase in awareness of GrabLucky has occurred. Users can choose to share manually or via their social media platforms. Statistics show that a total of 1,600,000 HongBaos (red packets) have been shared. 



5. Money Earned 

Most telegram bots and groups turn out to be a scam and a waste of time for users looking to earn money online. However, GrabLucky bot is growing fast in the market due to its credibility. As of recently, USD $713,580 has been issued to users which proves that GrabLucky is a  legitimate source of earning passive income.



6. Top Telegram Group 

If you were to search on google Combot top telegram groups, GrabLucky’s official group chat would be in the top 150 under English groups. It can be seen that this telegram bot is ever growing in the market and hence, is well-known to be reliable. https://combot.org/telegram/top/chats?lng=en&q=GrabLucky&page=1



7. Additional Features

Sending and receiving HongBaos is not the only thing that can be done with GrabLucky bot. The stack or split game involves a sense of thrill in earning money as the mode is unknown to players. This game has been well received thus far as it is played over 7000 times with 700 unique users. https://www.grablucky.io/stack-and-split/



8. Fun games 

Apart from stack or split, the newly launched snake game is back, better than ever. Snake game has proven to be an addictive and exciting way of collecting points and redeeming HongBaos. Since GrabChances are used to play, users have spent a total of 17,680 grabchances to earn even more money and 243,000 points have been collected. grablucky.io/snake-game


9. Transparency 

User satisfaction is of utmost priority for GrabLucky. Therefore, providing feedback and contacting GrabLucky is reinforced on all its platforms. Besides social media platforms, all issues are taken into consideration at https://www.grablucky.io/contact/. The Telegram community is generally helpful in guiding the newbies as well. This ensures transparency of the bot in Telegram.




10. Giveaways 

GrabLucky has expanded out of Telegram into Facebook and Instagram as well. In these platforms, users’ inputs are highly encouraged and rewarded with frequent HongBao giveaways and contests. Take part today and earn some extra money. https://www.facebook.com/grabluckybot/  https://www.instagram.com/grablucky/

With all these cool and exciting features of GrabLucky, there is no doubt that It is the fastest Growing Telegram Bot in the Market. What are you waiting for? Start GrabLucky now! 

For more information: https://www.grablucky.io

Add Bot: https://t.me/GrabLuckyBot