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Best Cryptocurrencies to Earn in 2020 for Beginners


 We know how daunting it can be for beginners to earn cryptocurrencies, especially when their use is increasing in today’s digital world. Before we dive into the best virtual currencies to earn , here are some tips for beginners before they start. Invest in more than 1 cryptocurrency as the wise saying goes “don’t store all your eggs in 1 basket”. Cryptos can be found in different categories so go for those that are less volatile than their competitors, easy to trade and store. In case you are wondering, volatility refers to the extent of price fluctuation.



1) Ethereum

With Etherium, developers are able to create mobile and desktop applications on top of blockchain. The Initial coin offering (ICO) process was invented by etherium and it holds many tokens. Apart from that, it is the second or third most valuable cryptocurrency, right behind bitcoin. Best part of investing in etherium? It is easy to buy and sell with a less volatile price, which remains stable over time.




2) EOS

This digital currency offers faster transactions than Bitcoin and Etherium with zero-transaction fees. Hence, it is well-known to be cost-saving for beginners. EOS rewards holders with new tokens and the majority of best ranked DApps are hosted on EOS platform. Not sure if it is credible? Well, the co-founder of Paypal invests in EOS so there is nothing to worry about.




 3) Basic Attention Token (BAT) 

BAT offers convenience as it pays content creators and service providers on the internet according to their arrangements. These users can opt for either a one-time payment or regular gig. Just by watching ads, you will be rewarded with BAT tokens. Simple as that!BAT is one of the top most active cryptocurrencies in the world as the price of its token has been consistent for the past 2 years.




 4) Litecoins

Litecoins foster processing time, which makes them ideal for retail payments. It is also known as Bitcoin’s alternative. This is because litecoins have more than half coin supply than Bitcoins. Being highly liquid and less volatile compared to smaller cryptocurrencies, it is definitely a good cryptocurrency to start earning. 





  5) Bitcoins 

This currency is the leading and most widely used virtual currency in the world today. It is the most significant in terms of liquidity, which refers to the ease of converting to cash, as there is no shortage of parties. Bitcoins also account for more than half of the market’s valuation, making it worth to invest in. Moreover, they are one of the most safe and secure digital currencies out there.






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