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10 Facts about Snake Game you Probably Didn’t Know


 Almost every adult grew up playing snake as their first mobile game. Even among the younger generation, it is well known to be the OG classic mobile game. Back then, snake game was a heartthrob on Nokia devices and is still slithering into people’s hearts. Here are 10 facts about the snake game that you probably didn’t know.


1) Origin

Many believe that ‘snake’ derived from the Nokia version of the game. However, it is actually much older than that. The very first snake game was in an arcade version called Blockade. It originated way back in 1976, before Nokia was released.

2) Popularity

There is a misconception that snakes became famous from playing on the Nokia version. The reality is that its popularity grew when it could be  played on other devices in the 80s. These include early Texas instruments calculators and home computers such as the Apple II.



3) Ownership

 Snake game did not have a single owner. As such, multiple versions were created for almost all major consoles. This made the game highly accessible due to its compatibility with nearly every device and software.


 4) Nokia 

Snakes’ first appearance on a Nokia device occurred in 1997. This was on the model Nokia 6110. Afterwhich, a design engineer for user interface software adapted it for all nokia devices. Fun fact: some solely bought Nokia to play the snake game.



5) Launch 

 When snake was launched in 1997, it was one of the only three games introduced that year. The other two were logic and memory. Who would have thought that snake would remain a childhood favorite even centuries later right? 



6) Growth 

Snake game has come a long way ever since it was introduced. The game’s latest version is 2.7 as of October 2019. Moreover, it is played on over 350 million devices worldwide today. Kudos to you snake game.



7) Upgrade

 In 1998, snake game upgraded itself by being slightly more technologically advanced. Nokia 7110 owners could then play local two-player versions using infra-red connections of their phones.



8) Points formula 

 In case you’re wondering how one wins in this never ending game, the maximum possible points vary by the level. For instance, on level 1 it is 312 points and on level 9 it is 2008 points. The formula is: bits on screen (212) x your level (1-9) + 100 bonus points for level completion.



9) Snake Ex

This version of the snake game was introduced in 2000 on the 9200 Communicator. It included the ability to play on colour phones and supported multiplayer through bluetooth and Infra-red connections. Snake Ex 2 was further included in several handsets.



10) Reward

In 2005, the design engineer for user interface software that adapted the snake game on Nokia devices, received a special award. This was from the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) for his contribution to the growth of the mobile gaming industry. We all appreciate you!




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