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 Why Businesses should be on Telegram in 2020


Been thinking about using Telegram for business but don’t know how to do so? Unlike other social media platforms, Telegram allows businesses to focus on engaging its target audience on a personal level. To create meaningful engagement, you can leverage on existing Telegram bots to help you with your business. Here are the reasons why businesses should be on Telegram in 2020.

User Reach

As of February 2019, the Telegram app has reached 200 million monthly active users. Google Play app download numbers have also revealed Telegram to be the top 3 most downloaded free communication apps in certain countries. These countries include Singapore, Germany, Brunei, Russia, Spain, and many more with authoritarian rule. This is due to the security-oriented features offered by Telegram. For widespread use among political activists, Telegram is also used in Central Asian countries, Iran and Ethiopia.



Since ICOs are almost unregulated, a lack of trust exists in the community. This is where Telegram saves the day. When a very large Telegram group is created and sustained, legitimacy is gained due to freedom of communication. Potential investors are able to ask queries as well as protect the ICO industry. With Telegram bots, information such as current prices of cryptocurrencies is disseminated much quicker. They also inform you when prices shift in the way of your interest.


Telegram Bots

This can be considered as a telegram business API as it allows you to have chats with clients using AI or using the human team. The best part is that it is absolutely free with no limitations. Telegram bot enables you to create a user with a unique ID for your business. All you have to do is send a message to BotFather and ask for a /newbot and you are good to go.


Telegram Channels and Groups 

This is another way of broadcasting information to a large audience. You simply need a name, image, and description to set up. Customise your settings to be public or private. When new content is up on the channel, the channel will move to the top of the messages list, increasing the likelihood of reading. Apart from that, there is no user limit, which means an unlimited number of people can join, it is free and you can add bots to manage the channel easily. Just like channels, groups allow users to participate in the conversation, increasing the engagement rate.


Lead Generation

Once a Telegram bot is created, BotFather will provide a click to chat link. This link can be shared with existing users for easy navigation and use. An even easier approach is to hit the search button and search for the bot created, by ID or display. Afterwhich, getting started with the conversation is self-explanatory.



With all these cool features and benefits that Telegram brings, It is no doubt that your business should be on it in 2020. Not sure where to start? Check out GrabLuckyBot to see how it can benefit your business.


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