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Earn GrabChances

All you need to know about the GrabChance system introduced in Patch 1.03

What is GrabChance?

A GrabChance is the ability to grab an HongBao and win yourself real cryptocurrency (in the form of Bitcoin [BTC], Bitcoin Cash [BCH] or Litecoin[LTC]).

Grab Chance makes HongBao hunting more fun:

 No expiry date on Grab Chances

 Complete missions to Earn More

 Use to Grab Bitcoin HongBao

 More Grab Chance, Better Prizes

 More Fun Features coming

Bringing Smiles with GrabLucky

Stand a chance to win real Bitcoins when you use your Grab Chance to grab a digital HongBao. The best part, it’s Free!

How do I Earn More?

Everyone will have 20 GrabChances at the start. Every successful Grab will use up your GrabChance by 1.

Don’t worry. You can Add more GrabChance when you complete any of the missions below.

There are 3 possible ways you can earn more GrabChances

Send HongBao:


GrabChance Mission
+10 Send minimum $0.10 HongBao value AND 3 packets and above 
+25 Send minimum $0.25 HongBao Value AND 3 packets and above 

Complete Get Started > Tutorial:

GrabChance Mission
+1 Go to Get Started > Tutorial and Complete the Tutorials to Earn 1 GrabChance each.

Add New Member to Group:

GrabChance Mission
+2 Add New Member to GrabLucky group. (Only unique user IDs will be counted per invite)

Spread the Lucky and Grow Your Telegram Community.

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