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Problem Engaging Your Audience?

Introducing GrabLucky, a Fun Marketing Interaction Tool to Engage Your Audience.

Problem Engaging Your Audience?

Check out GrabLucky, a Fun Marketing Interaction Tool to Engage Your Users and Build Trust for Your Brand.

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How GrabLucky Can Help You Grow

If you are a Marketer, Telegram Group Chat Owner or Admin

With GrabLucky Telegram bot, you can:

 Increase Group Chat Interaction

 Reward Your Users with HongBao

 Schedule Giveaway Events in Advance

 Play Fun Games

 And Many More!

Get Started for Free

Starting with GrabLucky is easy! Watch the Video Below

To get Started, simply:

 Search for @GrabLuckyBot

 Click and Press Start

 Click Login and Open Popup

 Login/ Signup to your Wallet

 Click on Let’s GrabLucky

Bringing Smiles with GrabLucky

Total Events Created

Total Packets Shared

Total Amount (USD)

Total Users Reach

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Event Scheduling

As an Admin, you also have the ability to start share Hongbao to your community or play interactive games to keep them engaged.
250,000+ GrabLucky Events Created

Social Analytics

Review Your GrabLucky Event Giveaway and see how your community interacts with your campaign. Additionally, you can also track the number of GrabLucky Packets redeemed and more!
1,600,000+ GrabLucky Packets Shared

Set Event Triggers

To top it off, GrabLucky empowers you to set various triggers to automate event creation. Start your event with every 100 or 1,000 new users. Your game, Your rules!
USD 700,000+ Total Transactions

Spread the Lucky and Grow Your Telegram Community.

Ready to try the GrabLucky Telegram bot and see your Group Chats grow?