Snake Leaderboard: Survival Mode

Get Rewarded for Surviving the Snake Challenge


GrabLucky is bringing back the wildly popular Snake game of the 1990s, only this time, it’s faster and better than ever. Survive as long as you can and get rewarded every day, week, or month if you can keep your standing.

1st $0.88 HongBao Airdrop
2nd $0.38 HongBao Airdrop
3rd $0.18 HongBao Airdrop
4th 50x GrabChances
5th 50x GrabChances
6th 50x GrabChances
7th 50x GrabChances
8th 50x GrabChances
9th 50x GrabChances
10th 50x GrabChances


1st $3.88 HongBao Airdrop
2nd $1.38 HongBao Airdrop
3rd $0.88 HongBao Airdrop
4th 250x GrabChances
5th 250x GrabChances
6th 250x GrabChances
7th 250x GrabChances
8th 250x GrabChances
9th 250x GrabChances
10th 250x GrabChances


Note: Daily Leaderboard will reset at 23:59 (+8 GMT) daily. GrabChances will be able to be exchanged for more rewards in the future so stay tuned!

Not sure how to start? See Snake Survival Guide here.

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