Snake Game Adventure

Goal: Earn More HongBao$$$ the Higher Your Score

1  Go To GrabLucky App

From GrabLuckyBot, select the ‘GrabLucky App’ button on the main dashboard or Click Here

2  Click on Snake Game

Play for free 3x times daily, thereafter 10 GrabChance will be deducted for every Game.
Game is refreshed once a day at midnight.
You can Unlock Bonus, once a day.

(Note: Each game deducts 10 GrabChances.)

Be Wild !

Achieve the target displayed on the left side of the screen before timer is up. For example, collect 1 cherry and 2 pears in level 1.

The more objects collected, the more your points! 

How Does It Work

New coins introduced. Can you guess what they represent?

Play to find out the rest of the coins!


Complete as many levels as you can in due course to be rewarded !

More than 15 levels in total to discover.

Complete each level by collecting specific coins and HongBao, found on the left side of the screen.

For every 20 points collected, you can exchange for HongBao.

HongBao amount will be determined by the points exchanged

(higher the points, higher the HongBao).

HongBao amount to be credited directly to your GrabLucky account.


Redeem Bonus HongBao?

Value of HongBao is based on the number of points collected.

The more levels you achieve and coins you collect, the more you will be redeemed.

Take the Snake Challenge

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